Do The Right Thing Ceremony for November

The monthly “Do The Right Thing” ceremony for November 2018 was held today, November 20th, 2018 at 2:00 pm in City Council Chambers. 

This ceremony is open to the public each month. The community is encouraged to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who “did the right thing.”

The guest speaker this month was Anthony Sizemore, Deputy Chief of Police, Cape Coral Police Department.

Do The Right Thing October Winners:

Macy Addison Kinsman, Gulf Elementary – 5th Grade

Macy has a very kind and compassionate heart.  Last year, she witnessed a student being bullied and stood up for that child.  After that, Macy formed an anti-bullying group at school.  Recently, Macy faced a daunting situation.  A friend shared with her that she was going to take her own life.  Macy was very upset and worried about her friend.  She decided to get help from the faculty at her school to insure the student got the help she needed.  The faculty and administration at Gulf Elementary was very efficient and made sure it was handled in the correct manner.  

Taylor Reis, NFM Academy of the Arts – 3rd Grade

Taylor wanted to give back to her community.  She heard that foster children were in need of pajamas.  Taylor made it her personal goal to gather 100 pairs of pajamas for these children to give to the “Donate4kidz Foundation.”  Thus far, she has collected 112 pajamas.

Alyssa Bernhardt, Gulf Middle – 8th Grade

Alyssa is a member of the Youth Leadership Committee at the local “Make A Wish” branch.  She made Gulf Middle School aware of a “Make a Wish” fundraising effort taking place locally.  Alyssa actively advertised, spoke on behalf of the organization, and rallied her peers to join in supporting wish granting for seriously ill children.   

Selena Thier, Caloosa Elementary – 4th Grade

For her 10th birthday, Selena organized a birthday party at the Fort Myers Skatium.  Instead of presents, Selena asked for her party to be a fund raiser to the tune of $10,000 in order to donate the money to the Ft. Myers PD Fallen Officer Memorial Foundation. 

Wyatt LaBair, Trafalgar Elementary – 3rd Grade

Wyatt is a third-grade student who participates in 5k races around Lee County and usually places 1st, 2nd or 3rd in his age group.  In early October, Trafalgar Elementary had their annual “Monster Mash Dash” which is a one-mile race.  Wyatt felt that it was more important to run with a friend, who had not been feeling well, than it was to win a trophy.  His teacher, Mrs. Blanco, said that in her 25 years of teaching, she has rarely met a child who will give up their long-term goal to be a good friend.

Zoe Dejournett, Gulf Middle – 7th Grade and

Jacklyn Rudas, Gulf Middle – 7th Grade

During lunchtime at school, Jacklyn and Zoe noticed a student sitting by himself.  These two young ladies took time away from their lunch to go and sit with him to make sure he had someone to talk to and was not bullied.  They were genuine in their approach and he lights up when they join him for lunch each day.

Jayson Bonilla-Mora, Caloosa Middle – 6th Grade

Jayson was an aide for Caloosa Middle during the 1st quarter of the school year. He was a very positive influence on all who he came into contact with.  Although Jayson is no longer an aide, he continues to tutor and assist others having struggles with their school work.  He’s shown that he cares for his peers and exhibits a maturity level beyond his age.  

Do The Right Thing Ceremony for November

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