Just the thought of sitting on a stationary bike in a dark room for 45 minutes probably turns your nose up at indoor cycling, right? Don’t give up so easy!

Learn to fall in love with Indoor Cycle Classes

This class gets your heart rate up, is highly motivating and a great way to escape from your stressed out day plus riders usually burn fro 400-600 calories in a 45 minute class.

Are you still not convinced? Here are some good reasons to give it a try.

  1. You will get a high energy workout with an instructor giving out 120% the entire class, and keep you motivated the whole ride.
  2. You will get lost pedaling to awesome music! The ride is all about the music, once the music starts playing and the lights go dim; it’s just you staying to that beat! You might even find some new music you can download at home!
  3. It’s not just a leg workout! When you are up out of the saddle and climbing a hill your core is engaged so you get a great abdominal and lower back workout. Not to mention some classes we use a 4 lb. weighted bar to do upper body exercises. “Don’t worry you legs get a break.”
  4. Burn Baby Burn: Most riders burn 400-600 calories in the class and the great thing about spinning is that it is low-impact! Easy on your knees and joints.
  5. You will leave feeling ALIVE! After 45 minutes of those endorphins kicking in, sweat dripping of your body, and stress leaving your body, you will be ready to come back for more!
  6. It is for everyone! We welcome all levels of fitness and first timers to cycle. All classes we encourage riders to go at their own pace!
Learn to fall in love with Indoor Cycle Classes

Kari Kardio has over 15 Cycle Classes a week. Check out the schedule at karikardio.com

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