The Legend of Sawney Bean @ Big Blue Brewing Review

South Cape offers a variety of bars and hangout spots for the locals, as well as the many visitors that make their way to Cape Coral. One common hangout place is Big Blue Brewing, offering not only their very own house brews but a full bar and menu as well.

I, of course, went for one of their house taps. It was a Nitro Scotch Ale with ABV of 7.2% called the Legend of Sawney Bean.

The appearance of The Legend of Sawney Bean is a cloudy, dark brown with a long-lasting, frothy head nitro that’s very slow to settle. The mouthfeel is very unique and rather filling. The smell is a very mild aroma with a hint of chocolate and caramel. When you breathe it in, you will feel a little bit of a kick. 

Initially, the taste is very robust but once the head goes away, it tastes kind of flat. For those who may not be familiar, Scotch Ale (also referred to as a “Wee Heavy” per 19th century Scotland) traditionally goes through a long boil in the kettle for a caramelization of the wort. Compared to Scottish Ales, they’ll be sweeter and fuller-bodied, and of course higher in alcohol, with a much more pronounced malty caramel and roasted malt flavor.

Overall this ale was a distinctively different beer. A great choice if your like variety and change from your typical brew selection. I enjoyed The Legend of Sawney Bean. If you are looking for a full-bodied beer with a bit of a kick, this is one you want to try.

This beah gets a Joe score of 3.73 out of 5 (74.6% out of 100%).













Out of







Big Blue has live music every Thursday – Saturday. The employees have tons of energy, making it a fun place to hang out. They offer a full-service restaurant and bar unlike most local breweries in the area with a little something for everyone, young and old. The space has cool architecture with a pup-friendly patio.