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Cape’s Cutest Pets — Diesel the Dane

Submitted by Janis Keim

I had recently lost one of my Great Danes in the fall of 2011 and was down to only one Dane named Nemo. I saw a pet ad in the paper and called, learning that Tina’s family had to get rid of their pets, including a Great Dane named Diesel.


It was love at first sight! He met Nemo and it was successful. There were no fees and I could tell the family (especially the mom) wanted to locate a good home for their pet. After owning numerous Danes, I realized that Diesel wasn’t full Dane and my vet agreed. Hopefully, he will live longer as Danes are not known for their longevity.

The family reached out to me numerous times to check on Diesel and see how he was doing after I adopted him.

Diesel had some anxiety issues. He also had a happy tail, meaning that when he got excited, he would wag his long tail so hard that it would hit walls and bleed. Diesel had numerous surgeries because he would get to the wound and, as a result, his tail would get shorter. Thankfully, he did heal enough to keep a portion of his tail.

Eight months after rescuing Diesel, Nemo crossed the Rainbow Bridge and it’s been only Diesel and me for the past 6 years. Diesel will turn eight years old on New Year’s Day 2019.

In December of 2013, was reading the paper regarding families that needed help during the holiday season. To my surprise, I read that Diesel’s original family were staying in a local hotel. Their father was incarcerated and they had no home and no money. The three children wished for Christmas presents that included book bags and school supplies. Reading the article tore my heart and I felt the need to do something, including reuniting Diesel with his original family.


I sent out an SOS to friends, businesses and the community, and they all stepped up to assist this family in need. I reached out to the family caseworker and arranged for a meet up at the Cape Coral Yacht Club when the Parks & Recreation Department was hosting Breakfast with Santa. Wow, they were surprised!



Not only did the children receive their requests for school supplies, but numerous miscellaneous presents, gift cards and money to help them find a place to live. Best of all was reuniting the family with Diesel! Their faces said it all, and I believe Diesel remembered them as well. It was very emotional and there was not a dry eye in the place.


When I first rescued Diesel, Tina said “Look at Diesel’s markings. He has angel wings!” Diesel has been my angel in need since he rescued me!

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