Armed Robbery Gets More Firearms

An armed robbery suspect steals money and two firearms from the victim.

On June 13, 2018, in the late evening hours, patrol officers responded to a call for service of an armed robbery. The victim stated that Sean Michael Elder had come to his house in the 800 block of Diplomat Parkway East. The victim told patrol officers that Elder, who is personally known to him, sold him a handgun on June 2nd. On June 13th, Elder called the victim and asked if he wanted to purchase some ammunition for the handgun and the victim agreed.

Later that night, Elder arrived at the victim’s residence and showed him how to load the handgun but after doing so he pointed the handgun at the victim. Elder demanded that the victim give him an additional firearm belonging to the victim and $40 in cash.  Elder then fled the scene in his blue Toyota pick-up truck.

Elder’s vehicle was located by the Fort Myers Police Department at the Bernwood Apartments where Elder resides. Cape Coral Police detectives conducted a follow-up investigation on June 14th and arrested Elder at his residence. 



ARRESTED: Sean Michael Elder, W/M, DOB: 08/01/1979, of 9854 Bernwood Place Drive, Ft. Myers

CHARGES: Robbery with a Firearm

CR#: 18-011591