Cape’s Cutest Pets — Chevi

Chevi was about one hour from being euthanized in a Miami Dade “kill” shelter when Wolfhounds Legacy Corp, a local 501c3, saved him. They took Chevi in and set him on the journey to becoming a trained service dog who would then be paired up with a Veteran.

That’s what Wolfhounds Legacy Corp does. They save two lives by rescuing dogs and training them to be service animals for Veterans with PTSD. Some dogs don’t graduate with the service dog certification and Chevi apparently had a different calling.

It was obvious right away that Chevi was a lover, and he deserved to be loved. Likely a Mastiff and lab mix, he is a large, energetic dog that loves to run, jump and play. He may not have graduated from the service dog program, but he did learn good manners. His lovable disposition makes him a great dog.

After our 17-yr-old dog passed away in January, we decided to foster Chevi. He filled a hole in our hearts and quickly decided our house was his house. You could tell the day his bark changed to one that said, “Who dares come to my house.” I am proud to say we are “foster failures” and Chevi has become a forever family member.