Seven-Day Fishing Scavenger Hunt Encourages Entrepreneurism in Young People

A new educational concept in Southwest Florida – “Learn to think like an Entrepreneur,” was recently announced by Lee County resident, Jim Griffiths. A curriculum is being developed for adults, high school classes, as well as a separate program for correctional facilities. The self-funded, local start-up is being kicked off with the Fish36, a seven-day fishing scavenger hunt, where people trade photos of their catch for raffle tickets in the largest prize raffle in the area.

The Fish36 was created in 2015 as an annual non-competitive fishing event where families, children, anglers (professional and non-professional), fish on an even playing field for points. Participants are attracted to the event’s simplicity; teams target thirty-six species in a seven-day period and take pictures of their catch. Each photo has a point value, and points get raffle tickets. Past events had prize raffle values exceeding $30,000.

The Fish36 begins on June 2. The week-long event has strong support from local residents and businesses, and this year’s event will be hosted by young people Griffiths has been working with on presentation skills. The main event will be held at the German American Social Club of Cape Coral on June 9. Major contributors for 2018 include Barnacles Island Restaurant, Capt. Rob’s Bait and Tackle, Diversified Yacht Services, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Ft. Myers Marine, TowBoatUS of Lee County, and Roger Dean Chevrolet, along with over a hundred other contributors and volunteers.

Griffiths, a runaway and high school dropout, who was able to quit “working” at a young age, recently developed a vision that will help bridge the gap between school and life by encouraging younger people to adopt the concept of entrepreneurial thinking. His recent book, “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do It,” focuses on how entrepreneurism has multiple layers. Only one is business, which is taught most often in general classes. The rest of the layers focus on fears, motivation, bad habits, creative thinking practices, along with other life-forming intellectual habits. Griffiths has put the concept into a curriculum that is being introduced this year as a class accessible to anyone. The Fish36 fishing scavenger hunt is helping fund the foundation for this project.

More information can be found at:

Entrepreneur By Choice, Inc. (501c3) 47-1111146