Quick Reads for May

By Honor Bound – Tom Norris & Mike Thornton/Dick Couch. The story of two SEALS (Tom & Mike) who received the Medal of Honor for their service in Vietnam. Vivid description of the action in Vietnam. ****

American Huckster – Mary Papenfuss & Teri Thompson. The story how Chuck Blaser got rich through the corruption of FIFA, the world soccer organization. It is fascinating how many millions of dollars were stolen over the years by an assortment of people who are listed in the epilogue. ***

The Baseball Whisperer – Michael Hackett. The story of Merl Eberly, a baseball coach of summer league baseball players in the little town of Clarinda, Iowa. These players were an assortment of college, semi-pro, high school, and ex-major league players. Several became major league players. *****

Shoe Dog Phil Knight. Really good memoir of the founder of NIKE. Well written look at what REALLY happens when you start an enterprise from scratch. Many great episodes of trials while building NIKE from nothing. *****

Broken But Unbowed – Greg Abbott. He is the Governor of Texas. A falling tree broke his back when he was young (20’s) & his legs are paralyzed, leaving him in a wheelchair. He outlines his conservative principles and political history. Pretty impressive considering his disability. *****

Night – Elie WieselThis book is descriptive of his time in German concentration camps in World War 2. *****

Back from the Dead – Bill Walton. His autobiography, mainly about the unbelievable number of injuries & operations he had mostly on his feet & ankles but also on his back & knees. He had a fabulous basketball career when he was able to play. A must read for Walton fans. Warning – he has extremely liberal political views & is a little off “normal” with his lifestyle. ****

Douglas Macarthur American Warrior – Arthur Herman. This 850-page biography covers World Wars I & II, plus the Korean War. Macarthur had a life of heroism, daring, military strategy, etc. that rivals any other American, including the founding fathers. Eyewitness accounts of bullets going through his hat and jacket. *****

My Life As A Beach Boy – Mike Love/James S. Hirsch. Very good biography/memoir of Mike Love’s 55 years as a Beach Boy! He is now 75 years old & still performs. If you enjoy their music, you will love this book. *****

Jimmy Stewart – Michael Munn. A good biography about Jimmy Stewart. I found the most interesting parts were about all the “fun” he had with Hollywood ladies! Also had many interesting bits about movie stars & directors with whom he worked & his Air Force missions. ****