Freshman Advice

Written by recent high school graduate Marina DeVito

High school is a very exciting time of your life. You will be given more opportunity to be independent and to figure out who you truly are. You can start to think of prom and the big senior graduation trip. However, there will be times of stress and worry. Stressors such as GPA, college applications, friends, and relationships will come about.

Your GPA does not define who you are and how smart you are; however, this is a major thing that colleges look at when you turn in your application. As long as you try your hardest then everything will fall into place. If you are beginning to struggle and sink, make sure you speak to your teacher! They will be more than happy to help you when they see you struggle and work hard.

When it comes to making friends in high school, make sure you meet people with common goals. Be around those that make you want to succeed and be the best you that you can possibly be. Do not surround yourself with those who do not care about their grades. Surround yourself with those who will make you feel happy and positive. If you are around those who give a negative effect, that will impact you in more ways than one such as failing grades and low self-esteem.

Find a way to manage both homework and friends throughout the years. This will be important because you will want memories to look back on when the journey is over. You will want to remember the laughter and excitement when you graduate. Enjoy your high school years because they will bring so many new opportunities to you. There are times when it will get tough, but that is okay. As long as you push forward and continue to work your hardest, everything will work out.

Have fun and good luck on this amazing journey!