Cape’s Cutest Pets — Hooper

Submitted by Jim and Robin Griffiths

Hooper was in need of a new home. He’s a four-year-old 110 pound Black/Tan Doberman that lived in the Ocala area. He had been with a couple that was fostering but didn’t have room for him, and thankfully they wouldn’t let him go till they knew they found the right home.

My wife and I met them all at a dog park with Ti, the Red Doberman (also a rescue) that we’ve had for a couple years, just north of Tampa to see if we all “clicked.” We all did, except for Hooper. He was friendly and playful, and he and Ti did well, but Hooper basically ignored my wife and I. It didn’t seem to be a good fit until we looked into his eyes. We could see that he was alone, scared, and wanted a home, but just didn’t know how to ask. I know the look, I’ve been there myself.

Robin and I looked into our own eyes and realized we were thinking the same thing: we need to do this. We talked and agreed that it would not be the “perfect fit” had it been all about what WE wanted, but sometimes an adoption is not about what WE want or prefer. Sometimes it has to be about what the pet needs. We also know Dobermans, they’re like a quality marriage; when you are willing to put forth the efforts needed to build a quality relationship, the results are worth everything it took.

Hooper was a handful at first. He obeyed and didn’t get into trouble, but wouldn’t make eye contact or “connect” with us. We could tell he was emotionally lost, all we could do was move forward and be patient. A comfort was that he and Ti got along great.

Within a few weeks, he started to come to us for attention. He started making eye contact and by about the 8th week, he dropped a ball in my lap and just looked at me as if to say, “Well, are you going to throw it or not?” That was it. We made it!

As of early April 2018, we’re only coming up on the fourth month together and he’s officially part of the family. Like most Doberman Pinschers that have a quality home, he looks for ways to please us, and we’re so grateful that we not only gave him a chance but that he gave us one.

However, Kozmo runs the house. He’s our Eclectus Parrot…..