Do The Right Thing for April 2018

Cape Coral Police Department’s monthly “Do The Right Thing” ceremony for April 2018 was held today, Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 at 2:00 pm in City Council Chambers. 

This ceremony is always open to the public and the community is encouraged to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who “did the right thing.” The guest speaker was Lori Feige, Director of Programs for the Children’s Network of Southwest Florida.

Eight (8) Cape Coral students were recognized this month.

Evan Matera                                             Cape Coral Elementary School – 2nd Grade

Evan saw a kindergartener that had fallen on the playground and hurt himself, and was screaming at the sight of blood. Evan got the child’s bag and walked the child to the office. Every time the child saw the blood he would begin to scream. Evan continuously reassured the boy that he was going to be fine and that he was being very brave. Evan remained with the child in the office, putting on a puppet show to distract him. Evan was instrumental in calming him down and keeping him settled until the mother arrived.

Kylee Young                                                        Gulf Middle School – 8th Grade

Kylee noticed a student who was normally always drawing in a sketchbook but did not appear to have one anymore. Kylee bought her a new one and gave it to her anonymously. The student usually sits alone at lunch and Kylee will often ask the student to sit with her. Kylee is always thinking of others above herself.

Uriah Burroughs                                                 Gulf Middle School – 7th Grade

Uriah did not want to see anyone left out on Valentine’s Day, so he saved his money and purchased a rose for every 6th-grade girl in the school, as well as the female teachers. This brought tears to the eyes of many recipients and showed a student who puts the feelings of others ahead of his own.

Zoey Pike                                        Christa McAuliffe Elementary School – 3rd Grade

Zoey wanted to help her community so she decided that she would work in a food pantry. Zoey was willing to give up Christmas Eve and Christmas morning to pack food for “Meals of Hope.” She continues to be involved in her community.

Carlee Groeneveld                                              Mariner Middle School – 8th Grade

Carlee feels that the best way to share her love of sports is to give other students the opportunity to have access to the costly equipment needed to play sports. Through her charity, “Have a Ball”, Carlee has received donations from residents, local businesses, and teachers and students at Mariner Middle School. Her efforts have continued to grow and she now is receiving donations from the Miami Heat basketball team. To date, Carlee has raised well over one thousand dollars and touched the lives of numerous local children.

Alyssa Maldonado                                               Diplomat Middle School – 8th Grade

Alyssa struggled academically and socially in 6th and 7th grade. As an 8th grader, she has worked hard to find personal and academic success. She is a student leader, has straight A’s and serves as a peer mentor. Earlier this year, she was asked by the principal to speak to the 5th graders who attended the open house, to share her struggles and successes.

Christopher Fabelo                                         Island Coast High School – 10th Grade

On Thursday, February 15th Chris brought to the administration’s attention a threat to his brother’s school. Chris’ action to speak up when he learned of a potential danger potentially saved lives.

Mitchell Gleason                                                        Oasis Middle School – 8th Grade

Mitchell found a credit card on the side of the road. He took it upon himself to do a Google search of the name on the card and took it to the address listed for the teacher.


Congratulations to all the kids who did the right thing.  They are all Cape Kids with Style!!!

Do The Right Thing for April 2018

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