Cape’s Cutest Pets — (Now)10 month old German Shepherd Valor

We met Valor in January after our dog died. Friends run a local organization called Wolfhounds Legacy here in Cape Coral. They rescue dogs of all breeds, train them, and then partner them with veterans who suffer from PTSD. Their motto is “Saving two lives at a time.”

Service dogs are a huge benefit to our veterans, providing them comfort and helping with duties they may not be able to do for themselves. Our veterans suffer the unimaginable, and service dogs help them in so many ways as they return to a civilian life.

The training is not easy and it is not for every dog. Dogs need to be submissive, they need to be able to ignore people and pets around them, they need to be focused only on their partner and their partner’s needs. Our Valor, or Valley as we call her, is one of those who may not make the cut. But that’s OK, she’s happy and healthy and we adore her!

If you know a veteran who suffers from PTSD, please have them contact Wolfhounds Legacy at