Miracle rainbow event in Cape Coral’s Jaycee Park

Fluffy cloud like a heart

Have you seen an old guy riding around on a four-wheel bicycle in Cape Coral’s Jaycee Park, carrying a huge picture of a rainbow?

If you have, you must get up pretty early, because he is there about 6 o’clock in the
morning, every day. If you have seen him, you might think he’s another homeless guy spending days in the park. He’s not.

His name is William Ulrich. He grew up with severe dyslexia, was bullied mercilessly
as a child, ended up being a successful businessman, and is now on a mission to do good
in the world. It’s a great story. A divorced and lonely old rich guy living alone in a condo in Florida thinking about what he missed in life by concentrating so hard on business and wondering what to do next.

Until July 3, 2017, that is the day that changed his life.

On that day, he was sitting on his lanai thinking about his life when a huge full
rainbow appeared miles away across the river. It was so spectacular, he made an eleven-minute video to send to his children. But that wasn’t the best part. The best part is that the
rainbow then moved toward him, stopped in the river less than 150 feet away and stayed
there for minutes.

That’s when he decided to devote his energy, talents, and money to doing what he
could to make the world better. And on Saturday, March 24th, he and the Rainbow Project group he started will have a celebration of rainbows booth at the Cape Coral Craft Fair in Jaycee Park, two hundred feet from where the miracle rainbow appeared.

The featured guest will be Paul Vasquez, also known as “the double rainbow guy,”
who became famous as his YouTube video of a double rainbow outside Yosemite
National Park climbed to 45 million views.

William Ulrich and Paul “Bear” Vasquez had their own private rainbow miracles, as
have countless others around the world and throughout time, which is why the group will
be celebrating the beauty of rainbows and collecting stories and making videos of life-changing rainbow messages and experiences people bring to the park.

The purpose of the exhibit is for people to share their rainbow experiences and to
contribute ideas on the greatest needs that can be fulfilled by the new charity, as well as
the best ways to use the rainbow.

The Rainbow Project booth will be part of the Cape Coral Craft Fair in Jaycee Park,
4125 SE. 20th Place, from 10 AM to 3 PM on Saturday, March 24, 2018. Admission is free and no donations will be accepted.