Meet Cape Kid with Style Teddy Perchall

Theodore G Perchall II, we affectionately call him Teddy, attends Mariner High School (MHS)and is a Junior this 2017-2018 school year.

Although he grew up excelling in a variety of sports, like basketball, tee-ball, bowling, skating, karate, swimming, tennis, and golf, tennis turned out to be his favorite of all.

He’s been playing tennis since he was 7 years old and is part of the MHS Tennis Team and played on his middle school team, too. He’s had the privilege of going to the renowned tennis camp at Florida State University and living in the dorms during the camp back in 2016. Teddy’s hoping to attend the Nike Tennis Camp this summer.

Not only is Teddy part of the MHS Tennis Team, he’s also a valuable player to the MHS Golf Team and is taking weight training at Mariner, as well.

He’s starting to take an interest in Psychology and is doing really well in the Teaching Academy offered at Mariner. He’s also been a part of the Chess Club in between sports seasons.

Brought up in a single parent household, Teddy’s mother made sure that he was exposed not only to sports but to culture, theater, church, and travel.

He attends Bridge Community Church with his mother and sister. Sometimes you’ll find him volunteering his time operating their audio equipment during Sunday Service.

Since Florida is a vacation destination for most of the country, you may find Teddy and his family grabbing a hotel room anywhere in Florida from St Augustine down to the Keys… and just enjoying what the destination has to offer.

He’s looking forward to joining the workforce this summer and is starting to fill out job applications. When or if there is free time from his chores, school, sports, homework, you might catch him at an Everblades hockey game or happily indulging in video games with his friends (CS Go being their latest fav.)

But the most important thing about Teddy is his heart…especially towards animals. We recently found out that one of our cats had a broken hip and needed an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy). It’s an expensive surgery, and without being asked he offered $500 out of his savings account to pay towards this surgery.

He is truly an altruistic human being, and I, personally, cannot wait to see what this kind young man will grow into and choose to do in life.

Submitted by proud mother Denise Perchall