Cape Coral Social Club

The Cape Coral Social Club, “Turning Strangers into Friends!”

By Elaine Carmack, Publicity Chair

There’s an old saying: “Strangers are just friends we’ve not yet met.” And, how true this is of the Cape Coral Social Club!

The Cape Coral Social Club is open to all residents of Cape Coral and surrounding areas. We provide our members with the opportunity to make new friends while enjoying the camaraderie of current friendships in a warm congenial atmosphere. We are the place for New Resident Club graduates to continue the fun and friendships developed during their one-year membership in the New Resident Club of Cape Coral.

Members are encouraged to have fun and participate in the club’s various offerings that include monthly general meetings featuring informative and entertaining speakers and monthly dinner parties with great food, music and dancing. We also offer day trips, cruises, games, boating, and over 50 other activities.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Club, it is an activity-based organization open to all residents of Cape Coral and the surrounding areas. Our 300 plus members benefit from the opportunity to make new friends while enjoying the camaraderie of existing ones in a warm, congenial atmosphere.

Each month members and guests are offered a wide variety of events to which all are invited to participate. Some of our recent choices have included:

–A private two-hour painting session with an awesome artist/instructor from Masterpiece Mixers of Cape Coral. We all walked away with a stunning canvas that we can proudly display;

–A visit to Walker Farms Honey, where the Apiarist (bee keeper) discussed the intricacies and dynamics of the bee colonies. (Who knew it was THAT complex!) This was followed by a sensational lunch at a nearby BBQ restaurant;

–A trip to the Calusa Nature Center Planetarium to learn about our very own galaxy, the Milky Way. (Had it not been quite so warm that day, we would have undoubtedly also toured the extensive gardens and trails to see the reptiles, butterflies and birds;

–A tour of Waterman Broadcast studios in Fort Myers where we learned about the operation of a television station and its many components The highlight of our visit was our presence on the set of a live news broadcast.

–A guided tour of the Reverse Osmosis water facility of Cape Coral, where we emerged not only knowing a lot more about how our water is actually delivered to us, but also enjoying a private catered luncheon in the on-site meeting room.

In addition, a regularly scheduled General Meeting is held at the Cape Coral Yacht club the 2nd Thursday of each month. Each meeting features an informative and entertaining local speaker guaranteed to provide members with an opportunity to connect with one another. Please join us for the free continental breakfast: membership is not required to participate in this or any other event!

The Club hosts its themed Dinner Dance at the Yacht Club as well, on the 3rd Saturday of the month, with great food, music and dancing, not to mention superb raffle gifts and prizes!

We would like to invite all to attend our next ‘Meet n Greet’–a casual event where you’ll have a chance to talk with both our Officers and our newest members.

In summary our mission is simple, ‘To make new friends and have fun!’ Our club is successful because of the predominant spirit of volunteerism of our many members who serve in a wide variety of positions on our Board of Directors and activity related committees.

We’re always looking for fresh ideas and new events. Whether your interests lie in coordinating activities, organizing dances, engaging in publicity, taking reservations, assisting with our raffle, helping with community liaison or other functions, please contact Elaine Carmack, Publicity Chair, to find out how you can help make our Club even more dynamic!

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