Do The Right Thing for February 2018

The monthly “Do The Right Thing” ceremony for February 2018 was held Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 in City Council Chambers. 

The ceremony was open to the public and the community is encouraged each month to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who “do the right thing.” The guest speaker this month was Cape Coral Councilman Dave Stokes.

Eight (8) Cape Coral students were recognized. 

Luke Cummings                                              Pelican Elementary School – 5th Grade

It was the end of the school week before winter break. Luke found $5.00 on the bus ramp and immediately turned it into a school official. It would have been easy for him to tuck the money in his pocket, but he did the right thing and turned in the money.  

Gia Filipiak                                                  Trafalgar Elementary School – 3rd Grade

Gia observed what looked like a possible kidnapping and alerted her grandmother. The girl’s mother was supposed to have a supervised visit with her. There was a lot of yelling and angry words being exchanged. Gia observed that the girl was scared and walked over to hug and reassure her. All the stranger danger lessons that Gia had learned were well worth it.  

Joshua Kelly                                                           Oasis Middle School – 6th Grade

Josh observed another student taking medication outside the clinic. He informed the clinic personnel who discovered there was no permission form at the school.   

Malachi Muhammad                                          Island Coast High School – 9th Grade

Malachi stopped an argument before it led to an altercation between two students. His willingness to step in prevented possible injury.  

Yadira Ortiz                                                           Caloosa Middle School – 8th Grade

Yadira was communicating with a friend via text. The friend expressed a desire to harm herself.  Yadira showed the texts to her school counselor to try to keep her friend safe. The counselor was able to intervene and get her the help she needed.

Joden Thomas-Grote                      North Ft. Myers Academy of the Arts – 5th Grade

During a soccer game at Mariner High, Joden observed several high school students jumping the fence in an attempt to get into the game without paying the admission fee. Not only did Joden capture the incident on his GoPro camera, but he immediately notified Mariner’s Administration and the School Resource Officer. 

Kaliyah Williams                              Hector Cafferata Elementary School – 4th Grade

Just before the Christmas holidays, Kaliyah celebrated her birthday and received money as part of her gifts. Unselfishly, she gave her cash gifts to her local preschool center for educational supplies.

Jazzmyne Williams                                              Trafalgar Middle School – 6th Grade

Trafalgar Middle School has a positive behavior support program which recognizes students for doing the right thing. Jazzmyne was able to reach all steps in record time. She is helpful, kind, respectful, hard-working and helps in the media center when needed. 

We salute all of these kids for not only doing the right thing, but for being Cape Kids with Style!

Do The Right Thing for February 2018

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