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When first visiting a property in Bokeelia, we were amazed to find our client’s property is nestled in the middle of over 100 acres of palm fields. While making our way to the center where we would be working to develop a layout, we found it to be one of the most beautiful drives as we made our way through the fields containing nearly every known palm in virtually all sizes.

The immense lush pathways and impressive statues virtually hid the home during our initial approach up the drive. As you journey further in, the landscaping astounds you. Each planting and designed space was manicured and primed for additional features. The paths created a childlike excitement. We estimate over 70 different plant species were already established and well arranged. With the vast amount of established plants and statuary, we would be able to highlight and expand those existing features to an even grander scale.

Making our way through the many trails, we realized they were designed with a destination in mind, or an option to continue the journey to the other outdoor spaces. These walkways opened to grand scale settings, including a large tropical oasis, private areas framed by huge palms and vegetation, and overall the perfect setting where the home and the property became one with nature.

Our client is passionate about his substantial and growing collection of statues, large boulders, and fountains. The property is bold and eclectic, yet structured, with an abundance of elements to create a wood, water, and stone balance, in all the framed areas. We could create spaces ideal for meditation, a family gathering, yoga, reading, and picnicking. For the area we were creating, we recognized the nighttime lighting for the statuary, as well as the water features, would need to cohere to the perfect yet bold balances already existing on the property.

Having utilized several different types of lighting systems on ponds and in gardens, we knew using Atlantic color changing lights would pull together the underwater lighting, while adding the “wow” factor to the project, without overpowering the design. We discussed some of the options with the client, including being able to change the lights to a wide spectrum of 48 color selections. In addition to the water feature lighting, we incorporated Garden Light Lighting to subtly feature the trees and caves in the surrounding area. We chose the Garden Light brand because of their 20-year-warranty, in addition to the solid brass casing which will extend the life of the sanctuary’s glow for years to come.

We spotlighted many of the palm trees using Garden Light Lighting, and were able to expand the lighting with spotlights extending upwards of 40 feet into the top of the palms. The multiple angle degree options of these lights stretched the lighting into the caves located in the area. The multi-light system created an illuminating glow for the water, water features, caves, with the bonus of illuminating the trunks and tops of the palm trees. Our client’s garden still has additional work and plans are to add 100 additional spotlights along the walkways, caves and trees throughout the property.

The beauty of including specialty lighting for water features and spotlighting is the client will be able to easily adjust a switch and create a unique and different appearance. The same space can be transformed into multiple spaces with the use of lighting and properly placed landscape features. This flexibility creates both spectacular light shows in every area based on use or mood. Subtle lights for relaxation and meditation or bolder bright lighting for family gatherings and outdoor dinner parties. The water, rock, and plant features created were designed with the day or night lighting effects, thus all working together cohesively and balancing the space, regardless of which color lighting is selected.

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