Fruit Wines

Various fresh fruits and bottle of wine on a white background

Greetings fellow wine drinkers,

We took a well-deserved vacation this past summer to rest and recuperate, heal wounds, burns and bruises from the fast paced life as restaurant workers all season, and travel about. My family’s personal trek lead us all the way to Canada and back.

I wanted to change up the typical wine discussion and choose one not of the grape varietal. I am talking about fruit wines. Fermentation happens with all fruits and since the United States has some of the best fruit anywhere, local wines can be found in almost any state in which fruit is grown. Heck, some of the best are right under our nose here in the Sunshine state! Florida is well known for Carambola fruit wine, Orange and Tangelo wine. and of course a favorite of mine, Strawberry wine from the heart of Central Florida.

When I made my rounds north through the country, I stopped at wineries sampling the best they have and I was sure to sample the local fruit wines as well. Just south of the Canadian border sits a winery in Upstate New York well known for its cherry apple, as well as it’s Blue Moon Blueberry wine. Vermont has an Iced Cider Apple wine I was dying to try. It was fresh and extremely tasty. We kicked off our trip at DC and were a stone’s throw away from a fine winery in Virginia well known for a Raspberry Merlot that I can’t stop thinking about.

Of course, I can’t forget my home state winery that first turned me on to wine. As a young adult traveling in upstate New Jersey I stumbled across Four Sisters Winery in Belvedere. Started back in 1984, I fell in love with their semi sweet cherry wine called Cherry Melissa. I wish I had the time this trip to travel west and experience some of the west coast wines as well, but perhaps next year.

It is my hope that you enjoyed your summer, and you were able to get out to experience some of our country’s offerings. And if you can only do the stay-cation, don’t forget to look up a reputable site like Then seek out your 1 or 2 day trips, enjoying the fruits of Floridians labors and become one with the grape, or cherry or even elderberry!

Until we meet again stay safe, happy and as always old friends, like old wine, always improve with age. Ciao!

Chris Bacus, co-owner Ciao