Do The Right Thing for January 2018

The monthly “Do The Right Thing” ceremony for January 2017 was held today, Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 at 2:00 pm in City Council Chambers. 

This ceremony is open to the public each month and the community is encouraged to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who “did the right thing.”

Seven (7) Cape Coral students were recognized this month:

Harli Hallman                                                          Mariner High School, 9th Grade

Harli viewed a video on Snapchat of one of her classmates hurting/killing an animal. Harli met with SRO Deputy Conley at Mariner H.S. to report the incident. Harli’s actions helped in the arrest of a subject for felony charges of animal cruelty.

Jesus Muniz-Estrada                                               Caloosa Middle School, 6th Grade
Elizabeth Pena                                                        
Caloosa Middle School, 6th Grade

A new student attending Caloosa Middle did not speak English. Because Jesus and Elizabeth are bilingual, they volunteered to be his translators. The student is picking up English and has been able to excel in class due to the support he has received from Jesus and Elizabeth.

Tavares Malik Cruz                                                   Mariner High School, 11th Grade

A camera fell out of a teacher’s vehicle as she was locking the parking lot gate late one night after a soccer game. Fortunately, the next morning Tavares found the camera outside the school gate and returned it to her.

Ayahnna Lake                                                     Challenger Middle School, 6th Grade

Ayahnna disclosed that a friend was possibly in an unsafe situation. Through follow-up and investigation by various law enforcement agencies, it was determined that Ayahnna’s friend was in fact the victim of a crime. As a result of Ayahnna’s willingness to stand up for her friend, swift action was taken to remove her friend from an extremely dangerous situation.

Aidan Myers                                                North Fort Myers High School, 9th Grade

Aidan approached the School Resource Officer with a wallet he found on the stairs during class change. The wallet, containing cash and identification, was returned to its owner. 

Cayla Gibson                                                    Pelican Elementary School, 3rd Grade

After Hurricane Irma, Cayla was staying with her grandparents because the power was out in her home. Cayla’s grandfather was on a ladder trimming a tree branch when he fell face down into the koi pond, knocking himself unconscious. Cayla’s quick action in alerting her uncle about her grandfather’s fall led to him, her grandmother and a neighbor pulling her grandfather out of the pond and calling Fire Rescue.

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