Calabrese Sandwich

Now, since we shared the Charcuterie, I thought we might have some left over Italian meats….so I thought I would share an exceptional sandwich for you to also enjoy.

My family calls it the Calabrese Sandwich, using the star of our platter Salami, it’s a little bit spicy, perfectly salty, and it is absolutely delicious. It comes from the Southern tip of Italy and is packed with paprika and an assortment of peppers. The gruyere and swiss cheeses, while both are nutty and rich, they become almost caramel-like when paired with the cured meat. If you can’t find gruyere, you can totally just use swiss cheese – but the gruyere adds a nice sweetness. And the added fresh basil adds a note of earthiness and freshness and helps to keep the sandwich from not being too much.


1 lb. Salami {or your Italian favorite cured Italian meats}

Gruyere & Swiss cheeses

A nice hard roll, or focaccia bread

Roasted red peppers or gardinara, as per your tastes

As always from our family to yours, “We hope you Feel the LOVE”

Buon Appettio! Ciao,

Jill Bacus owner/chef of Ciao