Cape Coral honors military in Veterans Day Parade

Crowds lined the streets to pay respect to past and current service members

With their own sense of humor, level of intensity and language dialect, Veterans are a special group. Anyone who has had a close relationship with a Veteran can attest to the fact that ingrained in each military service person is a level of duty, honor, sacrifice, and service to others before self. This reaches beyond their enlistment and into their lives outside of the military.


Veterans have an intense sense of responsibility. As civilians, this deserves our respect and understanding. Veterans deserve to be understood, even if they have not seen combat action or injury during their service, because they have yet been mentally conditioned to withstand such things. Veterans, who have endured combat or injury, deserve the understanding because of the price that they have paid and respect for what they have withstood.


Due to their diverse backgrounds and experiences, Veterans have a way of bringing people together. In November, on Veteran’s Day, current and former military service members from all branches of the military, as well as civilians turned out to Club Square in downtown Cape Coral to pay respect and honor to Veterans. As a display of this, during the National Anthem, everyone stood while some stood and saluted.

Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, dance troops, marching bands, the Cape Coral Police and Fire Departments as well as the newly elected Mayor are just some of who came together for a procession to remember. But, the loudest cheers were reserved for the Veterans organizations.