Do The Right Thing for October 2017

The “Do The Right Thing” ceremony for October 2017 was held today, Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 2:00 pm in City Council Chambers. Cape Coral Police Department Chaplain Pastor Donald Neace was the guest speaker.

This ceremony is open to the public each month and we encourage the community to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who “did the right thing.” 

Do The Right Thing for October 2017
Seven (7) Cape Coral students were recognized. 

Addison Pickering – Kindergarten                       Gulf Elementary School

Addison, who is only 5 years old, continuously volunteers her time to help others. After Hurricane Irma, Addison worked tirelessly to clean up the debris in a local park.

Hazel Fitzgerald – 7th Grade                                Mariner Middle School

On the first day of school, Hazel was in the courtyard area of Mariner Middle School when she found another student’s money on the ground. Hazel immediately turned the money over to an administrator knowing that they would do their best to return the money to its owner.

Yelen Perez – 12th Grade                                       Ida Baker High School

Yelen found a cell phone in the school’s cafeteria that belonged to another student.  She immediately turned the phone over to a school administrator.

Caleb Hewitt – 12th Grade                                    North Fort Myers High School
Emanuel Oglesby – 12th Grade                             Ida Baker High School

During Hurricane Irma, Island Coast High School housed nearly 4,000 residents.  Caleb and Emanuel volunteered to help clean the school and any other task that needed to be done.  The boys worked tirelessly from the early morning hours until 1:30 am over the course of several days.  Caleb and Emanuel handed out food, emptied garbage cans, provided emotional support and performed countless other selfless acts of kindness.

Alijah Miranda – 9th Grade                                   Mariner High School            
Jazzlyn Chimelis – 9th Grade                                Mariner High School

At dismissal following a school festival, Alijah and Jazzlyn noticed a student crying on the bus.  They immediately notified a school official. It was determined that the child had lost his food card and had eaten nothing all day. Alijah and Jazzlyn’s caring actions helped a student in distress.    

Congratulations to all 7 winners.  They are definitely Cape Kids with Style!    

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