Business Style — Introducing Heather Ellis with Curves Cape Coral

LADIES: Are you tired of going to a gym where the people there look like they don’t belong? Or spending a ton of money for a weight loss program that didn’t work? Frustrated and ready to call it quits? Heather Ellis has the answer and it’s right here in Cape Coral.

20 years ago, Heather, a former Hilton Hotels manager, was looking for a career change. She wanted to do something more meaningful that could make a difference in people’s lives. On a trip to visit her snowbird parents in Estero, she was reading an Entrepreneur Magazine article that showed Curves as the #1 fastest growing franchise. She was intrigued because she knew how much strength training had made an impact on her life and how most women were intimidated by it. Upon arriving home, she found a bag with an Avon magazine and a Curves pen on her doorstep and she knew this was a sign; the coincidence was too much to resist. In September 1999, Heather opened the very first Curves in Lee County on Cape Coral Parkway and this month marks her 18th anniversary at the 1426 Cape Coral Parkway East location.

What is Curves? It is a fitness center designed for women of all ages, shapes and fitness levels and the opportunity to have Meal Plan, Fitness, and Motivation all in one location. At Curves, ‘strong’ is about so much more than building muscles. The Curves program provides women with what they need to feel great and build healthier future-strong bodies, strong balance and a strong community where relationships and bonds improve us overall mentally and physically. Heather’s business model is like a mantra of empowerment that says “every 30 minutes, another woman walks out our door stronger than when she walked in.”

Curves is not your traditional gym. It is a facility specially designed for women featuring a complete 30-minute workout that is fun, fast, and safe, featuring strength training, cardio and flexibility stretching. The Curves Circuit is designed to work every major muscle group with a Curves Coach in the center of the circuit to advise, guide, and motivate you throughout your workout. The programs at Curves allow for continued progression in strength and cardio gains while incorporating functional movement, balance training, dance movements, and flexibility into their various classes. Monthly one on one coaching sessions will keep you on track and excited about reaching your goals.

Heather says that strength training will work no matter how old you are. Strength training has ten benefits: weight management, a stronger body, fat reduction, improved glucose utilization (less risk of diabetes), stronger bones(a powerful tool against osteoporosis), can fight heart disease, reduce pain from arthritis, help you become a better athlete, great for all ages, and it can improve your mental health by alleviating symptoms of depression.

Heather is so sure that she can help the women of Cape Coral, she will provide every woman with a FREE WEEK GUEST PASS that’s good for 30 days!

You’ll find Heather at many Chamber of Commerce events, as well as in Curves Team 5K walks all over Lee County. Heather and Curves members have been supporting local charities by raising money, doing food drives, buying Christmas gifts for families in need and helping Shoes of Hope for the Cape Coral Caring Center and Grace Methodist church. She was also a proud sponsor of the Women’s Leadership Conference, held in August. Heather enjoys beach time, jet skiing, hiking, water sports and scuba diving in the Turks and Caicos.

Not bad for a girl from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. That groundhog has nothing on this dynamic entrepreneur. Heck, she probably gets up before he does every day!