50 Years Welcoming Cape Coral Newcomers

In 1967, the Cape Coral New Residents Club was established to give newcomers the opportunity to exchange ideas and form friendships.  This social-only tradition continues today in this, the 50th year.

Membership is open to anyone who has resided in Cape Coral for three years or less.  If you’ve been here longer than that, you can still join the NRC. Every September is “open enrollment” for all residents, regardless of the length of residency.  

The NRC holds a general meeting at 9 am on the first Tuesday of each month at the Yacht Club.  Coffee and light snacks are provided while the most dynamic social group in the Cape discusses monthly activities.  Outside speakers present information on current topics of concern and available resources in the Cape.  Zany graduate skits, raffles, and new member introductions put a focus on FUN!

Membership is less than $2 a month and lasts for 24 months.  Everyone joining will be members of a group consisting of those starting that month.  Normally, these smaller groups number two to three dozen people.  Each group decides its own name and holds its own activities, as well as participating in events held by the NRC as a whole.

After two years of NRC membership, you “matriculate” with your group to become a graduate member.  You are still in the NRC, but now you have the option to also join the Cape Coral Social Club.  After graduation, you are strongly encouraged to continue to attend all NRC meetings, activities and events, including your group activities with other Club members.  

For additional information, visit the NRC website at www.capecoralnewresidents.com  or contact Skip Kitchen at (630) 327-9000.

Welcome to Cape Coral, your own slice of paradise!