Primary Day in Cape Coral is fast approaching

Just in case you have not noticed the abundance of political signs springing up all over the city, we have a primary coming up in just 2 weeks.  

Primary Day in Cape Coral is Tuesday, September 12th.  Polls are open from 7 am to 7 pm.

Cape Coral is having a mayoral election, as well as city council positions for District 1, District 4, District 5 and District 6.   

If you have not already voted by absentee ballot, get out to the polls on primary day and voice your opinions.  Choose wisely, do your homework, learn about your candidates, as this is the future of our city!

Don’t know where to vote?  Check out the Lee County Elections Office website at

And after you vote, save money!  Visit and check out all the Cape Coral businesses who are offering special savings when you show your “I voted” sticker or a photo of your absentee ballot envelope.