HEY BARTENDER — Meet Jay Sanders

HEY BARTENDER -- Meet Jay SandersHEY BARTENDER -- Meet Jay Sanders

I am a Bartender at  Point 57

I have been a bartender here since  Opening in February 2017

I started Bartending  9 years ago

I am originally from  Kansas City

Favorite thing about my job? The creativity of designing new drinks and curating the wine program            

Meet any Famous people on the job?  A true bartender will never say (smiley face)       

My Favorite Drink to Make (name)  Amor Mi Amaro

What’s the Recipe for that drink?  1.5 oz Bonollo Amaro, 1 oz lemon juice, 1 oz Orgeat, .75 oz Gifford Passion Fruit, .25 oz cinnamon bark syrup            

What’s your favorite drink to consume?  A well made classic gin gimlet