HEY BARTENDER — Meet Jason Bhimji with Big 10 Tavern

I am a Bartender at  Big 10 Tavern

I have been a bartender here since  August 28, 2016 when I bought the bar

I started Bartending  14 years ago when I was 18

I am originally from Cape Coral!

Favorite thing about my job? I love to meet new people, make new drinks and new food.  Love building relationships the keep people coming back    

Meet any Famous people on the job?   No            

My Favorite Drink to Make (name)  Long Island Iced Tea, because when you pour 4 bottles at once, it always gets peoples attention

What’s the Recipe for that drink?  Vodka, run, gin, tequila, lime, triple sec, sour mix, splash of coke and a lemon wedge                        

What’s your favorite drink to consume?  I love Berry Vodka and Raspberry Vodka, and Red Bull mixed.

Anything else?  Crown and Ginger Ale with a lime