Can you pass The Bar Exam?

Do you have what it takes to be a bartender?  

How well do you know your drinks?

Let’s see how well you do on The Bar Exam!

  1. What does the Term “Up Against the Wall” means…?
  2. Stir sticks or straws are used in drinks that…?
  3. Tequila, Triple sec and Rose’s lime are usually next to each other on the rail because…?
  4. The term Bruising means…?
  5. The term Build means…?
  6. If a drink has the word pink in it, one of the ingredients is…?
  7. The term Screaming means…?
  8. When a drink has the word white in, it contains…?
  9. What’s is in a pina colalda?
  10. Straight up means to…?


Check back tomorrow for the answers to see how well you did on The Bar Exam!