A Tribute to Mr. Cape Coral, Paul Sanborn

By long time friend Chris Schroeder  

A Tribute to Mr. Cape Coral, Paul Sanborn

Paul Sanborn was as unique as Cape Coral itself.  When Jack and Leonard Rosen hired him to be the Assistant Managing Director in 1962, who would have thought of the affect he would have on the City. 

He had such innovative ideas.  One of his first was in October 1962 when he arranged for a boat-a-cade of 350 boats from Kissimmee to end their trip in Cape Coral.  This is just one small example of Paul’s ability to market Cape Coral. 

In his 55 years here, Paul was known by almost everyone because he loved his city and was involved in every aspect of it.  Even after retiring from Gulf American, Paul became involved in the banking industry, assisting the City of Cape Coral in interviewing applicants for key positions in the City and became Cape Coral’s Official City Historian. He was involved in many boards and organizations, such as Rotary, Chamber, Cape Coral Hospital Board, and Cape Coral Historical Society.  

Over his years of service for Cape Coral, Paul received too many awards to mention.  He had a one of a kind personality and he gave everyone his full attention. 

Paul Sanborn will be missed by not only his family and friends, but those few who never met the man will miss Paul’s service to his City.

A Tribute to Mr. Cape Coral, Paul Sanborn

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