Business Style — Introducing Gulf Coast Fudge Co

Meet Joey & Micaela Heuglin, owners of Gulf Coast Fudge Co.

Joey & Micaela met in high school where they both attended North Fort Myers. After graduating from North, both Joey & Micaela left home to get their college degrees from the University of Central Florida and Stetson University respectively. They returned to Cape Coral knowing it was where they both wanted to live and start a family. They now have 2 kids, Anistyn & Reed. 

The high school sweethearts were destined to own a sweet shop.  Gulf Coast Fudge Co is a family owned and operated business with a 40-year foundation of old-fashion fudge making experience. Second generation owners, Joey & Micaela grew up in the fudge and ice cream shop.  As soon as he was tall enough to reach the marble table, Joey learned the family business.  He learned how to handcraft old-fashion fudge with his mother at the shop she operated inside the Shell Factory in N. Fort Myers.  Years later, Joey’s then high school girlfriend, Micaela started working in his family fudge and ice cream shop.

Soon after college, the fudge paddle was passed down. The now husband and wife duo continue the tradition of handcrafting fudge at the original location inside the Shell Factory. 

During this time, the Heuglin’s grew to master the business and art of fudge making. “The fudge has been perfected by keeping the recipe and techniques true to the way fudge was meant to be made. I’ve been able to expand creatively, with new flavors like our signature Caramel Seashell flavor, and adding to our menu with treats like chocolate covered bacon,” Joey explained. The business has grown to include more handcrafted treats, bulk candy and salt water taffy.  They have also added a second location.

As life-long residents of Cape Coral, coupled with their customers’ increasing desire for a Cape Coral location, a second shop was opened at Tarpon Point Marina Village Shops in October 2016. “Tarpon Point is a hidden gem in Cape Coral,” according to Micaela. “There isn’t a more beautiful spot to bring your family to enjoy an ice cream cone than at Tarpon Point.”

Customers can also find Gulf Coast Fudge Co treats at the Southwest Florida International Airport gift shops. Driven by customer demand, the Heuglin’s envision more locations of Gulf Coast Fudge Co.  The future of Gulf Coast Fudge Co is further being cultivated by preparing the Heuglin’s two young children to carry on the time-honored tradition as soon as they too can reach the marble table and learn the old-fashion way of making fudge. 

Gulf Coast Fudge Co.

Gulf Coast Fudge Co fudge is handmade the old-fashion way from small batches of the finest ingredients. The fudge is slow-cooked in a copper kettle using an original recipe that dates back to the 1800s.  It is then hand-poured and cooled on a marble slab table before being whipped into a loaf and individually sliced right before the eyes of locals and tourists alike at the Shell Factory & Nature Park location.  In addition to over 40 flavors of fudge, they also specialize in handcrafted fudge bonbons and chocolate dipped treats. They also offer hand-rolled soft pretzels, fresh-squeezed lemonade and Big Olaf Amish ice cream.