Take the 5210 Pledge

Take the 5210 Pledge
Healthy Lee 5210 Pledge News: June 

For the month of June, the 5210 Pledge focuses on limiting recreational screen time to two hours or less per day. We’ve included some great tips below to help you continue your goal of limiting recreational screen time. 

Don’t forget to encourage your family and friends to take the 5210 Pledge! It’s not too late to commit to healthy habits and Healthy Lee will show you how to make it a part of your lifestyle!

Scavenger Hunt Ideas
Take the 5210 Pledge
A scavenger hunt is a fun and exciting alternative activity to the TV, computer, phone, and other screens! You can incorporate objects that can be found at the mall, a local plaza, or in your neighborhood. Below are just a few ideas of what to collect:

  • Family recipe from a neighbor
  • Map of a mall
  • Change of address card from the post-office 
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5210 News

Featured on WINK News

Take the 5210 Pledge
Christin Collins, Lee Health System Health & Wellness Business Partner, joined WINK NEWS to discuss  its impact on the community. 
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Creative Ways to Step Away from the Screens
Healthy Lee recommends two hours or less of recreational screen time a day. Here are some tips to help take your eyes off the screens:
  • Get creative – work on arts and crafts projects with things you find around the house
  • Host a regular game night and have family and friends over
  • Turn on the tunes and show off your dance moves
  • Ensure your children’s chores include some type of physical activity, such as vacuuming, mowing the lawn or washing the floors
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