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Healthy Lee 5210 Pledge News 

Thanks for being a part of Healthy Lee’s 5210 Pledge! We hope you’re excited to begin your journey to a healthier you, as well as your family, by committing to the 5210 Pledge.

For the month of May, you have pledged to consume at least 5 fruits and/or vegetables a day!

Please encourage your family and friends to take the pledge with you, vowing to eat up to or even more than 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

Motivate others by sharing your photos of your experience on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with #5210Pledge. 

This Summer I Pledge to…

Commit to making healthier lifestyle choices for you and your family with Healthy Lee’s 5210 Pledge!

In May, I will eat at least 5 servings of vegetables & fruits every day!
In June, I will limit recreational screen time to 2 hours or less per day!
In July, I will get 1 hour or more of physical activity every day!

In August, I will drink no sugar-sweetened drinks and drink more water! 

Tips & Tricks: Serving Size

Ever wonder just how big a “serving size” of fruits and vegetables is? We can help! 

As a general rule for a serving of fruit: 
  • a medium-sized piece of fruit is the size of a baseball
  •  ½ cup of fresh, frozen or canned fruit (opt for no sugar added options for maximum health benefits)
  •  ¼ cup of dried fruit (dried fruits are concentrated/higher in sugars)
  •  ½ cup of fruit juice (also contains more sugar)
If you’re watching your weight or feel hungry more often than not, try filling up on vegetables:
  • 1 cup of raw, leafy greens 
  • ½ cup of your favorite fresh, frozen or canned veggies is a ½ cup
  • ½ cup of veggie juice
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Cheese and Vegetable Frittata with Fruit Salad

This simple cooking with heart, Mediterranean recipe courtesy of the American Heart Association is a versatile, flavorful and heart-healthy meal for any time of day.  
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