Meet Kevin McCauley, US Air Force

Kevin McCauley hails originally from Long Island, NY and Vermont.  He’s lived in Cape Coral for 15 years.

Kevin joined the Air Force in 1986 and served for 4 years.  He trained in Lowery AFB in Denver and Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, then was stationed in Kunsan AFB in South Korea, as well as Moody AFB in Valdosta, GA.  He was discharged early while stationed at Moody AFB and medically classified as an E-4.

Homes for Heroes SWFL is where Kevin dedicates his life now, a real estate business where they specialize working with veterans, first responders and teachers and provide closing cost assistance.  Kevin is also actively involved in AMVETS, DAV and the SWFL Military Museum. 


Kevin has been married to Farah McCauley for 10 years and they have 5 children (his, hers and theirs):  Emilie 24, TJ 23, Katarina 22, Keagan 18 and Isabella 11.  Their favorite thing to do in the Cape is spending time with family and friends, biking and enjoying the weather we have.  Kevin is also involved with many events throughout Cape Coral, where you will usually see him and his brightly logo’d Homes for Heroes vehicle. 

Caring for others comes naturally for Kevin.  He used to own daycare centers in Vermont, and the foster system was a perfect fit for him. Kevin was a foster parent for over 7 years to a bunch of teens, many of whom he is still in touch with today.  In fact, his son TJ was adopted through the foster care system.  He has a Masters Degree in Business. 

Thank you, Kevin, for your service to our country and to your continued service to our veterans.  Kevin may not serve IN the military right now, but he is still actively serving those who are.  You are a Hometown Hero!