Business Style — Introducing P2 Personal Training

P2 Personal Training is a new business in Cape Coral, having just opened in December, but personal training is not new to the owner, Patty Cummings.  Patty has been a personal trainer for 7 years.  She moved to Cape Coral from Peoria, Illinois three years ago, and has been looking to set up business here ever since. 

P2 Personal Training, home of Astro-Durance Bungee Training, may have opened just a few months ago, but business is booming!  P2’s Astro-Durance training program is high endurance, motion based training that revs cardio and burns fat.  Based on weightless total body bungee concepts, it allows you to perform muscle movements that would not have been possible without the bungee. There is no stress or pain on the joints.  For those with ideal weight and youth, Astro-Durance is the best workout to optimize your body’s peak performance.  It is safe and fun for all ages! 

Patty is a single mom of four children, and a new granddaughter who was born in March in Illinois.  Her oldest daughter is 25, with a career in nursing, married and now a new mom.  Patty also has a 21-year-old son who is an electrician.  Her youngest boys are identical twins, 10 years old and attending Pelican Elementary.  Patty also has a Teacup Poodle, and recently adopted a Yorkie and a Maltese.  They have a full house!

As a professional and a working mother, Cape Coral allows Patty to raise her children in “a community friendly environment where people work together to help others.”  She loves the canals that flow through Cape Coral.  “To me, it lends a taste of Italy. There is easy access to novelty islands and the gulf shores.  But most of all, living in The Cape is like being on a never-ending vacation!”

Patty is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Cape Coral, active with Cape Christian Fellowship Church, and works closely with “Ark of Hope for Children”, a nonprofit organization that helps fight child abuse.

To see videos of what P2 does, visit their Facebook page at P2 Personal Training.  For information on franchise license opportunities, visit their website at

P2 Personal Training

324 W Nicholas Parkway