Tropical Breeze Fun Park to Bring Mini Golf & Laser Tag

On April 10, mini golf enthusiasts will get their first opportunity to play the longest mini golf hole in the world right here in Cape Coral.  This Guinness World Record hole is just one of many unique features that make the opening of Tropical Breeze Fun Park especially exciting for Cape Coral.
Tropical Breeze Fun Park to Bring Mini Golf & Laser Tag
“We want this to be a little oasis for our guests,” says Bob Trimarchi, who owns the park in partnership with golfing buddy David Lanaux.  “We plan to run this place like a Disney World.  You won’t see a dead bush anywhere.”
Together the partners have invested more than $80,000 in the landscaping alone, with plans to hire 10-15 employees out the gate.  The mini golf course-with fountains and water shots-will open first, with an iCombat tactical laser tag center planned to open in late April.  Trimarchi describes the laser tag as mission-based, with about four missions that players can maneuver in a half-hour session.  Players will undertake a maze-type experience with obstacles to hide behind and use taggers to hit opponents, capture flags, or protect generals, depending on the game being played.
The Fun Park is located next to the Cape Coral Sun Splash Family Waterpark and in front of Nemo’s Bowling Alley.  While Nemo’s and Tropical Breeze Fun Park are completely separate, the two businesses plan to work together to cross promote. The Fun Park will also offer birthday parties, team-building and corporate events.
The addition of Tropical Breeze Fun Park makes this section of Santa Barbara Boulevard a growing entertainment corridor for Cape Coral. Trimarchi credits EDO Manager Dana Brunett for encouraging him to look at this property for just that reason.
Trimarchi had a similar company 25 years ago in New Jersey and has since owned several successful businesses. Two years ago, he and his partner noticed a vast number of youth at a local community event and decided to make the leap into business together-sensing a need to provide a safe, popular form of entertainment.
How long is the longest hole? It is 264 feet-and Trimarchi plans more attractions to come.
234 Santa Barbara Blvd.