Imagine Wellness Spa Launches New Acne Clearing Program

Imagine Wellness Spa Launches New Acne Clearing Program

Lunch and Learn on Skin Rejuvenation set for March 1st

Imagine Wellness Spa is excited to announce that their skin care team is now able to provide customized acne clearing treatment as the only certified Face Reality skincare team in Southwest Florida.  The attached before/after photo depicts real customer results.

Imagine Wellness Spa Launches New Acne Clearing Program

“This program takes the services we offer in acne skin care to the next level with a protocol that is progressive, individualized and designed to push the skin toward healing,” says spa owner/esthetician Carleen McIlveen.  “We want to get to the root cause of a skin problem to determine if it’s acne or an acne imposter because the two need to be treated very differently.”

McIlveen’s 20-year-old daughter ended up with an infection after having her skin problem misdiagnosed as acne in Connecticut.  “If my daughter had used the Face Reality program, I am convinced that her infection could have been prevented,” adds McIlveen. The Face Reality skincare program involves a thorough skin evaluation as well as regular skin sensitivity tests and twice monthly meetings with skin care specialists to adjust the treatment for best possible results.

Esthetician Dawn Eisenhauer will lead Imagines’ Face Reality team. “I have stomach problems today from prescription acne medication I took 20 years ago,” says Eisenhauer.  “The Face Reality products are not expensive, harsh pharmaceuticals.  They are a top level progressive series that caters to each individual’s needs to be free and clear of acne once and for all.”

The March 1st Skin Rejuvenation event will also include talk about wardrobe and accessories, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring and unwanted pigmentation with live demonstrations of the best treatments.  For more details, visit the Imagine Wellness Facebook page:

Visit the Imagine Wellness Spa at its new expanded location at 1404 Del Prado Blvd., Suite 100, Cape Coral and online