The Entrepreneur’s Balcony

Lee County resident and CapeStyle contributor Jim Griffiths has had successful business ventures since the age of 13 and has decided to use his time and efforts to create a monthly gathering where the community could learn the concept of “Thinking like an Entrepreneur”. The group is a 501(c)(3) and does not focus on business. The concept is that if you can understand how an entrepreneur thinks you can apply the principles to any facet of your life.

Griffiths believes that America is shifting from the industrial age into an era where people want to be more independent, and nothing can stop them from being a better dentist, student, police officer, teacher, even better at communication and relationships, if you can adopt an entrepreneur’s thinking.

The group has high school students and self-made millionaires sitting together learning about fears, an old habit that may be holding them back, presentation skills, all of the things that often separate an entrepreneur from the general public.

Everything is supported by local business sponsors so the gatherings not only include free Jets Pizza and soft drinks, but there’s no fee to come and there’s no membership costs.

Jim Griffiths says “America doesn’t have a consistent system in place to teach people how to win. Most go to work and hope for the best. Our group offers no Ra-Ra, we present the habits and thoughts of successful entrepreneurs, and the rest is up to your own willingness to work”. Jim has presented this concept to several audiences in SW Florida and finds the attraction to be that from students to retirees, there’s something for everyone. Gatherings are monthly on the second Thursday from 5:30 to 7pm in S. Cape Coral. Their website has detailed information plus a series of 2-3 minute topic-videos for more information.

The Entrepreneur's Balcony