Soul-Terra has called Cape Coral its home for just over a year. Soul-Terra is a new-age metaphysical store and bazaar. From Sage to Crystals, essential oils, herbs and more, they create a sanctuary of peace and offer the curious a chance to explore their spiritual side. They also manufacturer their own specialty artisan candles that contain a unique gemstone inside.

Will Robinson has lived in Cape Coral on and off most of his life. He was born on the East coast, but spent his summers in Southwest Florida.

He has also lived in various parts of Asia for over a year, exploring eastern religions and philosophies. While there, he traveled to many of the ancient temples, like Wat Phra Kaew and the Palace of Heaven in China. He’s also seen the Great Wall and many of the bustling cities along the Asian coast.

Will has two fur babies, Cali and Kogi.  Cali is a 6 year old Maltese, and Kogi is Cali’s 8 month old son.   They spend nearly every day at the shop greeting customers and helping make candles.

Favorite activities in South Cape include the shopping early morning Saturdays at the Farmers Market, watching the sunset at the Yacht Club, and getting a bite to eat at one of the many new restaurants opening up. One of the best parts about living the South Cape is being able to travel anywhere by Uber or bicycle. Everything is just close enough and I’m excited to see how the city develops into a wonderful gulf-side Urbanopolis.

An interesting tidbit…Will is Multi-Lingual and speaks Thai and Mandarin.  Will learned while spending time in Asia that a strong sense of family is very important, and looking out for each other is a way of life. He learned the language by immersing himself in the cultures, taking on their traditions and customs, in order to gain a true insight of the lives and collective conscious of the Asian peoples.

When you have a chance, stop by Soul-Terra at 1326 Lafayette Street in South Cape and check out all that they have to offer.  You will not be disappointed!


1326 Lafayette Street


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