$1,080 a week for life!

It’s Tuesday. You get up, go to work, come home, you do all of the basics that revolve around your day. Except on this day, when you go through the mail, there’s a letter from a lawyer’s office.

,080 a week for life!
None of us like getting letters from a lawyer’s office that we were not expecting…..

As you read, you find out that someone named Mary Parker has passed and left you a large sum of money. This sounds great, except you think it may be a mistake. You don’t know a Mary Parker.

In memory of her late husband, Mary decided to leave her entire estate to the person that reminded her of her husband’s kindness the most. It was you.

A few months ago, you saw an old woman struggling to load groceries into her car. A bag broke open, spilling groceries all over the parking lot, and you stopped your car to help in the rain. Remember that day? That was Mary Parker.

,080 a week for life!

The estate has been calculated, taxes have been paid, and you get a weekly deposit of $10,080 in your bank account every week for the rest of your life. There’s one condition, at the end of each week, what you don’t spend, you lose.

Over $40,000 a month guaranteed for life!

Now, look at your 7-day week. It has 10,080 minutes in it. What you don’t spend, you lose. You valued that weekly deposit from Mary Parker’s estate, probably to a point of already fantasizing about how you would spend your $10,080 every week. Can you imagine someone not valuing the minutes of a human life at least as much?

,080 a week for life!

Time is something that is simply too valuable to waste, and most don’t understand its value until it’s too late. Imagine a timeline with dinosaurs on one end and the current year on the other. Your life on that line would be a tiny speck.

Lack of time is not herpes, it can go away. First, decide that you’re fed up with time restraints, and then decide to do something about it. Time challenges are not about how many minutes are in a day, it’s about making a decision to control it, instead of it controlling you.

Take time seriously. It can’t be replaced. People have time for TV and Facebook, but they don’t make time to create a list of what they want to get done tomorrow, which is why things didn’t get done today. It’s quite a circle.

My “time” secret is a pad of paper. I write everything down. Every Sunday I make a list for the week. Then, each morning I pick from it and write down what needs to get done that particular day. Dedicate yourself to that for a month, compared to using a digital portable devise, and compare the results.

Studies have been done about how many distractions we get in a day and how long it takes to refocus on what distracted us. Learn about, and master this, and watch time add up in your favor.

There’s been countless seminars and books written on this topic, and as society gets even more complex, with portable computers and various distractions to keep up with, we’re most likely only seeing the beginning of an era where time is redefined. Do yourself a favor and get ahead of the curve, and learn to use increments of time more creatively.

Weight loss is usually not about weight, it’s about willpower, and if you fell off the roof you wouldn’t say that you didn’t have time to go to the hospital.  Lack of time is not about time, it’s about priorities and breaking old habits.

,080 a week for life!,080 a week for life!