Easy (and delicious) Scottish Shortbread

Submitted by Cape Coral resident Pati Smith

2 cups butter, softened

1 cup sugar (for smooth results, layer white sugar with brown sugar)

½ tsp. vanilla

4 cups flour

Semi-sweet chocolate chips or chocolate kisses

Cream butter well, gradually add sugar and mix for several minutes.  Add vanilla, then add flour one cup at a time and mix well.  Spread in an ungreased pan (13” X 9” or cookie sheet for thinner shortbread).  Prick thoroughly with a fork.  Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes or until light brown.  While still warm, cut into small bites.  Top each square with a semi-sweet chocolate chip or even a chocolate kiss.  Cool and enjoy!

I only make this around Christmas, but family and friends really look forward to it.  The mix of shortbread and chocolate is delightful!!!