Learn to think like an Entrepreneur


A new educational concept is coming to Southwest Florida in January 2017 announced today by Lee County resident, Jim Griffiths. “Learn to think like an Entrepreneur,” a 501c3 nonprofit public learning center supported by local businesses, will be holding free ongoing classes for the general public. The gatherings will include workshops, think-tanks, brainstorming, and guest speakers to teach the basic principles of how thinking like an entrepreneur can be applied every facet of a person’s life.

School will begin in January 2017 hosted by Griffiths, a business owner since the age of thirteen, and publisher of SW Florida’s Nautical Mile Magazine. The free classes will have guest speakers, group interaction and discussions about how an entrepreneur’s mind creates solutions and overcomes obstacles that people do not know how to engage. The school theory emphasizes how applying the principles of thinking like an entrepreneur will help in all facets of life regardless of age, education, or background.

 It’s not about business; it’s for any facet of life, from a student to a retiree. It’s about how an entrepreneur THINKS. They find ways to make things better. They create new ways to do things, they invent and they solve problems. The principles of getting to the next step in whatever you are doing apply to everyone, and thinking like an entrepreneur can be applied to all facets, challenges, and crossroads of life,” said founder Jim Griffiths.

Griffiths included, “People are simply not taught how to “win” in our society. We get caught in 7-day loops that repeat 52 times a year, and wonder where twenty or thirty years went. We allow kids to pass to the next grade with a minimal percentage of knowledge of the previous grade, which is the foundation of their life, yet we don’t allow that to happen when inspecting the foundation of a building? Learning how to think like an entrepreneur changes this, and can help people overcome challenges, break habits, and do or have almost anything they want.”

We are exploring several SW Florida locations in Charlotte, Lee and Collier counties to create the best classroom environment, plus creating a presence in local high schools. Information on class locations, dates and time schedules will be announced on the organization’s website: www.EntrepreneurByChoice.org. The website has two introduction videos, and several short topic-oriented videos explaining more on the concept of thinking like an entrepreneur.

The nonprofit corporation can also be followed through LinkedIn and Facebook.