Some Whiskey Legacy!

There’s a store that brings its all to the table when showcasing oils, vinegars, spirits, syrups, gourmet foods and legends in Irish whiskey – and that store is Vom Fass, in Naples.

I had the honor of meeting Jack Teeling, one of two brothers of Teeling Whiskey Company from Dublin, Ireland. Teeling Whiskey recently shortlisted as European Producer of the Year (2015) at the Oscars of the Wine & Spirits industry and is recognized as one of the most famous whiskey specialists in Ireland. The private event was held at Vom Fass where a small group of us sampled five time-honored whiskeys all using innovative cask maturation techniques and small batch bottling for an unique taste, pairing and finish.

One of my favorites is the splendid single malt, the “Brothers in Arms”. “Brothers in Arms” is a marriage of aged Irish Single Malt Irish Whiskey which has been matured in Sherry casks (Jack) for over 21 years and some in Bourbon casks (Stephen) for over 14 years. Its finish gives it a balancing act between two cask types with toffee, caramel, and nuts all fighting for attention with a long spicy finish. The goal in the small batch bottling from Teeling Whiskey is to retain the drinkability of Irish whiskey but bring in new and interesting flavors to compliment the naturally smooth and sweet taste of Irish whiskey.

A lovely bottle of Jack’s Choice Irish Single Malt Whiskey, aged 11 years, went home with me that evening as a gift but it didn’t make it out of my hands. Another excellent whiskey is Stephen’s Choice Irish Single Malt Whiskey with a sweet and malty nose. It has a well-balanced body and a harmonic structure. On the tongue and palate, it is full and malty with a soft, nearly creamy taste experience. Specially selected by Stephen Teeling, one of the most renowned experts for Irish Single Malt Whiskey. There is an amazing recipe found online for Teeling Whiskey Truffles at

The Teeling history all began in 1782, when Walter Teeling set up a craft distillery on Marrowbone Lane in the Liberties area of Dublin commencing a 230 year tradition of distilling for the Teeling family. From Walter Teeling to the latest generation of Teelings in Jack and Stephen who are carrying on the family’s legacy and forging a bright new future for distilling in Dublin and for Irish whiskey.

There are few distillates as diverse as high-class whiskey. Come explore the diverse whiskey specialties from Scotland, Ireland, and even America with samples from Vom Fass’s picturesque cascade of wooden casks displayed right in the store. You’ll be sure to discover your personal flavor – whether it’s single or blended malt, bourbon whiskey, peated, or cask strength. While you’re there, try some oils and vinegars too with flavors to excite the palette such as the Beer Balsam vinegar or Evening Primrose Oil.

Find more exotic food and cocktail recipes in store or on the web site; Cupid’s Cordial cocktail and Honey Tonic Toddy or Apple Coffee Dressing. The options are endless for Homegrown Foodies, like us! The store is open 11am-9pm Monday thru Saturday and 11am-6pm on Sunday. Vom Fass, 9100 Strada Place #2112, Naples, Fl 34108. 239-513-0103

By Cape Coral Foodie Shana Overhulser

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